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Launch of new Educations site NEW
    I am happy to announce the release of EduSlice our education management site. It allows you to organize keywords, store notes, create, store, and edit bibliographies, and includes a user forum for school help. More can be found at the About page on Eduslice
January 25, 2005 posted by Adam

News: Education and Test Reforms
    "Advancements in technology, along with increased awareness and literacy, have drastically increased the intelligence of the average person. Only fifty years ago tests were based on memorization of terms, and the writing out of definitions. However in recent years, grading and testing have changed so that questions no longer ask the meaning of a word rather explain the purpose of the object in society and the long term effects it's application could have. "
[ Read more... ] August 12, 2004 posted by Adam

News: Push for values drives public school exodus
    SMH reporting: "A demand for better discipline and a hankering for tradition, smart uniforms and moral values are driving parents out of public education and into private schools, exclusive research for the Herald reveals.
    School culture - not academic results - is the main reason parents select private schools, according to the study by the Australian Council for Educational Research, based on a national poll of parents of high school students."
August 10, 2004 posted by Adam

What is myBiblio all about?
    myBiblio is designed to help people of all ages create MLA formated bibliographies. We decided to start this site due to the overwhleming number of students and individuals who do not know how to set out creating a bibliography. While you still have to find the information about your sources, this website should remove much of the hassle involved in creating a bibliography
August 4, 2004 posted by Adam

A Little about the Site Creator
    myBiblio was designed and created by Adam Brimo (he thinks he is cool because he has a website). At the moment he runs a couple websites which include: BrimoNet, iPodSnob, and Javscript Index. Many of the people at school have no idea how to create a bibliography or what MLA actually is. Noticing the these people needed guidence Adam combined his web design and developement skills with spare time and create myBiblio.
August 4, 2004 posted by Adam

Finally Finished
    myBiblio is technically finished, but is still a work in progress, we would like to add more features that would help students. For the time being we have seven different types of MLA accredited citations you can create, so enjoy making those bibliographies.
August 4, 2004 posted by Adam
Brand New:

Site News
  • Bibliography Creator has been released, It is currently in the Beta stage.
  • MLA citations created here are correct format
  • We plan on adding more citation types in the coming weeks
  • myBiblio is a free bibliography creator designed to help you!

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